Library of Congress Magazine, the Poetry Issue


I am a long-time practitioner of rabbit-holing, mostly voluntary. I’ll feel a particular curious itch and start some cursory research which leads me to another topic and another website and multiple articles. This is a near-daily occurrence. I love to learn and, only to a slightly lesser extent, I enjoy research.

One of my favorite things to research is poetry. Whether poetic forms, new and old poets, poetry contests, lit magazines specializing in poetry, poetry chapbooks, local poetry groups and readings, et cetera. I find and learn more every day whether about the craft itself, or organizations I didn’t know about, or resources to further my understanding. Poetry is not dead.

I have sort of a plan for what I want to write about and publish on this blog from week to week, but then I find something else and I have to write about it. I found this gem recently through the Library of Congress‘s website. If you haven’t checked out the Library of Congress as a resource, you are missing out. I discovered the Library of Congress all over again because I stumbled across their magazine. Not only that, but I found that they published a beautiful 30-page edition all on poetry! The March/April 2015 edition is subtitled “POETRY NATION”. Of course in all caps, poetry is significant! The following link will take you directly to the catalog of magazines: Library of Congress Magazine, Vol. 4 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2015. The short description accompanying the pdf is:

The Library has been a repository and patron of poetry throughout its history and is the home of the Poet Laureate. Also: Rosa Parks and the struggle for racial justice, Walt Whitman, Billie Holliday and more.

You can download a pdf of the issue at 2.25MB, OR, you can contact the Library of Congress staff to request a physical copy. I am writing this blog because I e-mailed the Library of Congress to request the poetry issue. I wasn’t entirely a believer when I e-mailed them, but sure enough, I received mine within a few days. Here is all of the information you need to contact their Public Affairs Office:

For More Information

Office of Communications
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20540-1600
Voice: 202.707.2905
Fax: 202.707.9199

As always, keep writing!



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