WordPress.com Blogging University Day Fourteen Assignment: Create a Regular Feature for Your Blog

Today marks the final assignment for me in WordPress.com’s Blogging University and the end of a fun and information-packed two weeks! Many of the helpful posts and support pages I have read over the past two weeks were not published when I initially thought I’d start a blog in 2011. Maybe it was a good thing that I waited to invest myself in this commitment. There is so much more available to help the newbie blogger.

Just like with goals, creating a regular feature ensures that I will continue with a little more certainty, a little more oomph, if that makes any sense. I have been talking with many of my coworkers lately and any time they mention attaining their goals, they have all heard and can attest to similar sentiments. The person who writes their goals down is more likely to achieve them. The person who reviews and revises their goals on an annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly, even daily basis is most likely to surpass them. Daily and weekly reviews seem over-the-top to me, but I have reviewed my own goals bi-monthly and I find myself revising them constantly as I achieve them. It’s exciting to see where you have come from and how much more you can and will do!

I will be back in class in the next few weeks for my final two capstone courses in my Master of Fine Arts program. In light of an impending busy schedule full of thesis revision, I would like to limit myself to one weekly post on my blog for now. I don’t want to commit to any particular feature at this point, although I am still learning and this final assignment taught me about “Category Pages”. I think now, rather than publish my poems as pages, I will publish them as regular posts and categorize them by poetic form. We’ll see. There is so much more to learn and write about and I am just getting started!



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