WordPress.com Blogging University Day Thirteen Assignment: Add a Blog Icon

Good afternoon (or morning or evening)! The first blog icon I added was a simple deathstar-by-twombieDeath Star icon from STAR WARS. I didn’t quite understand the blog icon’s purpose and looking at this assignment, I believe the intent is something of a personal branding. For now I think I’ll use a blog icon I created in a University of North Florida class called ENC 3250 Professional Communications – Business. It is an amalgam of the Greek letters for Alpha and Omega.alpha-omega

From my white paper during the sixth week of class:

“The Greek symbols Alpha and Omega are representative of the Pitchford Brand. They are simple. They are easy to draw and easy to remember. They are also drawn together to create a unique symbol. Alpha and Omega allude to deep-seated historical memories of The Bible when Jesus Christ proclaimed, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” I want people to subconsciously tie my brand with Biblical values.”

The assignment talks about PicMonkey, “which lots of you have already tried for custom headers.” I did not use PicMonkey for my header (yet) and I already designed my blog icon with simple editing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint and Picture Viewer. I may alter this icon in the future, but I don’t want to change it up regularly and end up with severe brand confusion.



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