WordPress.com Blogging University Day Twelve Assignment: Commenting, again!

I’m not sure where to begin with this assignment. I am excited to begin engaging with other bloggers and blog commentators. I have read other bloggers’ comments, but there haven’t been any to this point that I have been compelled to respond to. I am only following 16 blogs right now. I plan to follow more and engage more with like-minded folks and even people I do not agree with. I like what Blogging U has to say about engaging with people who have opposing viewpoints: “Respectfully offer a counterpoint. (And because it can’t be overstated: respectfully!)” I can’t imagine getting into an argument in a discussion thread.

The e-mail for today’s assignment popped in as I was writing this and it presents a slightly different take than the Blogging U site. The e-mail makes the assumption that I used one of the canned writing prompts through WordPress. I am to then read six of the responses on that prompt thread and comment on at least two. Perhaps I will write another post using one of those prompts. Today’s Daily Post one-word prompt is “infinite”. The first thing that comes to mind is a lame old joke about how to keep a weak-minded fool busy (flip card over). I think the original joke was a blonde joke, but I prefer “weak-minded fool” from STAR WARS. Jabba the Hutt was full of quips.

Maybe I’ll write something real about “infinite”. Probably a poem. I’ve only published two of my poems to this site so far and I am still looking to find the best method to present poems with all of their formatting quirks. I found a post here called Four Features to Publish Your Poems, but I haven’t tried the four methods just yet. Anyone have any best practices out there for publishing poems to WordPress? I am also thinking about changing how I publish them as pages or posts. I like how Jordan Reynolds presents poetic forms under one drop-down menu heading. Any other thoughts on that?



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