WordPress.com Blogging University Day Ten Assignment: Build a Blogroll

“Blogroll” makes me hungry for eggrolls. Eggrolls or lumpia. Or canoli.

I’m sure I started out ahead of the game. I wanted to learn more about the features here so I started Blogging U when I decided to get more serious about my blog. From day one I was visiting other blogs and taking note of features I liked about theirs. One of the first things I wanted to do was create a “Blogs I Follow” widget to help out fellow bloggers and feature blogs I believe in.

Since the “Blogs I Follow” widget will only list up to 50 blogs, I may eventually transfer those links to a “Links & Resources” page. Aside from linking to other blogs, there are a select few whose goals and missions I truly believe in and I would like to highlight.

For now I would like to display the widgets as a sidebar rather than a footer, but I am still exploring how to accomplish that. I think the theme I currently use only has the footer option and that may be my problem.

For Day Nine’s assignment I ended up changing my original plan and linking to a different conversation about inventing modern poetic forms. We are talking about creating Blogrolls today so I want to highlight one of the best resources for poets, not only in WordPress, but across several social media platforms. Even if you are not an aspiring poet, I urge you to check out Trish Hopkinson’s blog.



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