WordPress.com Blogging University Day Eight Assignment: Say Hello to Your WordPress.com Neighbors

I’ve already started following a few select blogs. I have visited or tried to visit the pages of every person who has commented on my blog, but not all of you have WordPress blogs and not all of you have “Follow” buttons. I have approved all of the comments that fellow bloggers have made so far. I hope it doesn’t come to the point when I have to reject a comment. I am enjoying this so far. I love reading, I love writing, and blogging in the 21st century is perfect for me. I’m almost sorry I didn’t get into it sooner.

Blogging U suggests to avoid simple comments like “Great post!” or “Thanks!” and I agree. I hate to say that I know where they are coming from. Even with all of the rules in place, I have received similar “feedback” from classmates in online discussion boards.

I like this suggestion: “Be concise. If your comment is more than two paragraphs, write a post of your own and let the blogger know they inspired it.” We all appreciate comments, but they are supposed to be just that, comments. If the comment turns into a story, hey, use the story as your own post, expand on it even, and pingback the original blogger.

I’ve been thinking about my own posts, which so far have been mostly getting through Blogging U. When I start writing original material and sharing my opinions, I think I’ll want to keep them to 500 words or less. I look forward to reading and commenting on more blogs!



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