WordPress.com Blogging University Day Seven Assignment: Headers and Backgrounds

The title of this lesson mentioned backgrounds, but the lesson devoted a majority of the space to describing header images. I may eventually change my header, but I like the picture I chose when I set up my blog. I’ve said enough about the image in other places so I won’t drag on here. The picture is of several Lego modular buildings I own and it’s one of my favorite pictures.

If I choose a background image, I am weary of selecting one that is too dark or too light. I think a solid color or a pattern may be the best option. I do not want the image to be too distracting or to confuse the reader’s eye between the header and background. For now I’ll leave it as the default beige which seems to blend pleasantly with the cream walls in the header image.

In other news, today marks one full week since I recommitted myself to writing this blog. I’ve had a headache all afternoon and I am exhausted from staying up to watch the BBC’s Sherlock Series 4, Episode 1. I had to go into work in the wee hours so I did this to myself. Oh well. I didn’t mean to drift too far off-topic, but there it is.



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