WordPress.com Blogging University Day Six Assignment: Publish an “About” Page and Add a Widget

I saw this assignment when I was first reviewing Blogging U and I’ve been writing, rewriting, and revising what I want to say in my “About” page. Do I go with a short, medium, or long introduction? How much do I want to disclose about myself? Do I want to keep with only the most pertinent facts about me as a poet to remain credible as a blogger of poetry? (Blog, blogger, and blogging are such unpoetic words).

I hope you don’t read my “About” page as “I come from blah blah,” and “I like or don’t like dogs”. I don’t want to give you a shopping list. I want to give you the mortar that holds my story bricks together, not just a shopping list.

I would rather not distill my About page down to one or two sentences for a text widget. I try to keep in mind, “if a total stranger found my blog and only remembered one thing about it, what would I want that to be?” I’d want that to be that I am a poet and to remember my name. Standby for my About page.


One thought on “WordPress.com Blogging University Day Six Assignment: Publish an “About” Page and Add a Widget

  1. Hello,

    This was a difficult assignment for me back when I did this assignment last year, my About page could still use some work I imagine, and I used the Gravatar Profile widget instead of making a text widget for that part of the assignment.

    Good luck with your About page, and do not be afraid to share advice with others to help them improve their About pages (I know that I could use some feedback on mine 😀 ).

    -John Jr


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