WordPress.com Blogging University Day Three Assignment: Learn to Use the WordPress.com Reader

It’s only day three and at times I already feel as if the writers of these Bogging U posts, although immensely helpful, tend to take a lecturing tone with me. I know it is not meant this way, but even the title, “Learn to Use the WordPress.com Reader”… I may not be an IT guy, but I am a point-and-click expert.

I am intimately familiar with the term ‘rabbit-holing’, a term I only learned about three years ago and which I find describes my habits precisely when I am bored on the ever-lovable Internet.

I am also terribly prone to digressing. 😦

I have followed the directions for today and followed five new tags in the reader (a process I was previously unaware of) and followed five new blogs. Blogging U is incredibly helpful and I wasn’t cutting it down with my criticism, just having a laugh.

The five blogs I am now following are: cristasblogwordpresscom, Frank Montesonti, Trish Hopkinson, Tribrach: for those who love (or would like to love) poetry, and Let Me Stay Among The Stars.

I am now following the tags: MFA, Poetry, Poetry Contest, Poetry In Motion, and Poutry Out Loud.



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